Babychess is an unique Creative Chess Program for kids from 3 – 4 years old based on child-centred approach and natural learning through SKGR – Story-telling, Kinesthetic, Role-play, and Gaming – the best modern approach for teaching kindergarten. This intellectual sport – Chess helps kids develop communication and language skills, social skills; spark imagination & creation since early childhood; easily approach mathematical concepts from simple to complicated; enhance cognitive development, awareness of themselves and others; encourages children to express their ideas and feelings in a relaxed environment.

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Chess is the best exercise for your kids’ brain. Hand-on learning in the Babychess experience-base learning environment does not only help kids develop linguistic skills, EQ; approach mathematics; understand complicated concepts, spark imagination & creation, but also specially improve kids’ confidences from their deep inside. Kids can acquire naturally through Babychess SKGR approach. Chess is the most powerful educational tool for learning thinking skills, to help improve critical thinking, logical and analytical thinking skills, observation, planning & problem solving skills. Thus, parents should register chess program for their kids as soon as possible.

Educational Science

Kid’s brain is very sensitive to the surrounding environment. The organization of a child’s brain is affected by early experiences. 3 years old is the booming development period of kid’s brain of which size reaches 80% of its adult volume. Synapses are formed at a faster rate during these years than at any other time. The brain has up to twice as many synapses as it will have in adulthood. A child’s senses report to the brain about her environment and experiences, and this input stimulates neural activity. Synapse strength contributes to the connectivity and efficiency of the networks that support learning, memory, and other cognitive abilities.

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--- Why parents should register Babychess program for their child? ---

Why does the brain of a three-years old kid have up to twice as many synapses as it will have in adulthood?!!

Synapses rarely used remain weak and are more likely to be eliminated!!!

Parents please register Babychess program for me in order not to miss any synapses while having powerful learning capability!!!

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--- Testimonial ---

  • What parents say about Baby Chess
    "I am so thankful to Babychess Coaches who are so enthusiastic and devoted to teach and play with my kids. Since the first day chess was so new to them, Tri Anh and Tri Vu quickly become so eager to enter a chess game, happily tell their mom about their class time and enjoy joining Babychess class"
    Mrs Tran Thanh Tu -Tri Anh 2.5 years old and Tri Vu 4 years old
  • What parents say about Baby Chess
    "Nam Anh always stated to his mother: “I can skip anything else but never miss any CCS class time.” Whenever he is not serious about doing some task, I warn him if he is expressing like that, he must quit the CCS course, then he immediately express well."
    Mrs Pham Lan Anh - Deputy Director of Office 33 - Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
  • What parents say about Baby Chess
    "Ky Anh has been improved so much, especially his concentration skills and mathematics. He specially loves competition and achievement, just sometimes over-express his emotion - crying and giving up if he doesn't get what he expects, so hope teachers can help him out as well"
    Mrs Nguyen Thi Anh Tuyet, Associate Professor, Hanoi University of Science and Technology
  • What parents say about Baby Chess
    "Hoang Tung has been so much improved and matured, especially his confidence. He got the first prize at his school - Olympia Primary School Chess Tournament. He and I are so glad and thankful to you all, his teachers. I think you should expand the business more so that many more students could have chance learning this program"
    Mrs Pham Thi Nhung, Deputy Director, Admission Office, PetroVietnam University


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